Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Winning the war?!?

I generally don't bring up the Iraq war here. Friends of mine know how I feel about it. It was obviously, from my perspective, going to be a boondoggle that was based on lies and would ultimately harm the American military by eroding faith in it's leaders and decreasing it's enlistment numbers. History has generally proven my assumptions correct - especially the weapons of mass distraction ones. Be that as it may, some people are more willing to try to win political points rather than admit that this was an effort based on lies. I'm willing to buy that some of the initial supporters firmly believed the politician's (Bush and members of the Republican and Democratic parties) intially, but by now it should be obvious to all involved that it was a bad idea.

Those who would prefer to have their heads in the sand might explain to me, then, how we can have control of the country yet the mayor of Baghdad was deposed right under our noses.

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