Friday, August 12, 2005

Sunbelt and the SSA Keylogger

Sunbelt did indeed release their tool which tracks the SSA Keylogger security breach that was reported to the FBI and has resulted in private information being gathered about many people (including credit card, online accounts, etc). The tool is small (350 kb) and runs quickly (a couple or 3 minutes). I ran it at home and got the above image. I clicked on the "For more information..." link and was directed to a sales page for Sunbelt's product CounterSpy. All of which would be dandy except that I'm sketical. I haven't used IE in ages except for Microsoft updates. Shawn does use IE and I used it up until over a year ago, so I'm in a conundrum. There seems to be some controversy about the tool over on the CNET forums. Some people have run it, gotten a positive, run CounterSpy in regular and Safe Mode with System Restore turned off (CounterSpy detected no infection), then run the tool again and the keylogger was detected again. This has led some people to believe that the tool is turning up false positives. I ran it on a PC at work and the tool turned up no keylogger, so I'm confused. The advice from Sunbelt is to call all of your banks, your ebay and paypal accounts, etc...and report the problem. This can be a great disruption to your life, so does one do it based on the tool which may be faulty?

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