Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Random Ten

Before I begin this week's random ten, my I recommend a download by The Earl of Edgecombe called Clash Up and Burn? Up for a limited time, it's a 26 minute mix that I just finished listening to before compiling this list featuring artists such as The Clash (natch), David Byrne, Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, M.I.A., Jay Z, Mad Professor, Miles Davis and more. Good stuff.

The week's random ten:

1) Anne Walkman - Fast Speaking Woman

Poet, goddess on earth speaking an extended truth about women.

2) Eve Massacre - W.A.R. - What a rad mix (missy elliott vs bob dylan vs jello biafra vs the cure vs frankie goes to hollywood) from Bushwhacked.

I learned of Eve through her mash-up work. This is an excellent example of it.

3) Derrick Harriott - Derrick!

From a compilation I downloaded, Ska For the Skeptical.

4) eve massacre - I'm Some Story Being Told

More from Eve, but this one is an original. She's a multi-talented girl.

5) Miss Frenchie - Jean Mich Much (From Booty Ze Kick)

Another mash-up artists (her site appears to be down at this time).

6) Okkervil River - Black

From Austin. On tour recently with The Decemberists. That's about all I know about them other than this song sounds exactly like another, but I cannot yet put my finger on it.

7) Ben Harper - 11th Commandment

Short instrumental by Ben Harper.

8) The Style Council - Hope (Feelings Gonna Getcha)

Again, one of the house music tunes from the lost album by this under-rated 80s band.

9) The Futureheads - Danger of the Water

The Futureheads are a fine band who put on a helluva show. Buy their music.

10) Joss Stone - I've Fallen In Love With You

Joss Stone's voice is a gift. Her talent is tremendous. I just hope that she has the good sense not to squander it on over-production (some of which seeped into her second album).

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