Friday, August 05, 2005

Homeowner's Association Board

It was flattering. I had been home just a few minutes and was walking to the mailbox. Our neighbor, four houses down, motioned towards me as I began to walk home, mail in hand. Her house is right behind the mail box. I stopped at her driveway.

"What's your last name? Are you running for the homeowner's association board?"

I gave her my last name. Indeed, I was toying with the idea to run for the board. The builder of our neighborhood is getting ready to turn over the board to the citizens as soon as they complete the last house (within the next couple of months). I've read all of the rules and covenants. Plus, I've done some research online as to what makes these associations work and what doesn't and how to set them up. My concerns are to maintain property values, but in such a way as to make it easy for people to comply with the rules and not be onerous.

It's this last point where I think the current management company has failed. To be fair, they were pushed into action when some busy body citizens complained about other citizens. A couple of the complaints were fair and in line with the rules, but many of them were just petty. They've been quick to declare fines as well. They have not been uniform in their application of the rules - far from it. Finally, I think that they are spending an exhorbitant amount of money for maintenance of the common areas and, from what I've read, haven't even prepared for things such as an arborist for the common areas.

So, I'm not happy with the way things are being run. I have spoken with a couple of people about it as well, including, naturally, the neighbor I was speaking with today.

"You should run" she told me. "I'll vote for you and so will Bill. You're good."

I was flattered and I thanked her. Her daughter, who lives next door told me, "Yea, you should run. You'll get some votes."

Wow. I must say that I'm a tad surprised at this interest. It has definitely been a boost to my thinking it over. I've got to make up my mind by tomorrow and mail in my application if I'm serious about pursuing this. Shawn has suggested that I should run as well. I'm seriously considering it after my earlier conversation.

So, in short, I want to see rules applied fairly. I want to see costs controlled and made reasonable. I want to see us get a website up that would serve notice about neighborhood issues and meetings as well as provide the proper forms for download that people need to comply with the rules. And, I want enforcement of the rules to be used sparingly. People should be allowed some form of self expression with the property that they buy.

Any thoughts?

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Rob said...

With your passion on the subject, I think you have already made up your mind and you are just looking for validation. Go for it!