Monday, August 15, 2005


Shawn's off playing at her family reunion in North Dakota this weekend. On Saturday, Scott and I headed over the mountains to buy peaches from Helen Hauff. It was good to see Scott again. It's been a long time since we touched base face to face. He's entering an intensive acting program in September, so it may be a while before we touch base in this way again.

We stopped in index for breakfast before continuing our pleasant drive to Peshastin. Helen was running her stand as usual. She was selling a new variety this year - Sunburst - as well as her Globe peaches. Helen really didn't know much about the Sunburst and she told us so. She and I had separately canned the Globe peaches. I found them easy to handle and they hold their form really well over the year. Helen walked Scott and I back to the cooler to pick out a couple of cases each for us. Scott seemed amused with Helen. Heck, I'm always amused with my visits with her. She's about 5 feet tall and full of energy and vigor. She's a joy to be around.

Scott's going to be making peach wine with his peaches. It sounds intriguing. It'll be a year before I can taste it. He's got some left over from his last batch and has offered up a bottle for Helen. I'll gladly deliver it to her.

After getting back home, Scott and I sat and chatted for a bit, then he took off to his brother's place for dinner. I putzed around the house, made veggie tacos for dinner, read, and eventually settled in with a viewing of Harold and Maude.

Sunday was more lazying around the house. I watched Tales of the City and Amelie, read, napped, picked up around the house, did the laundry and so on. Funny how this turned into a life affirming movie viewing weekend. I had planned on canning peaches, but the ones we got were a little under ripe. Helen suggested that I wait until Tuesday to think about canning them. That's fine by me. Shawn's coming home tomorrow morning. I've got to meet her at the airport at 9AM. I plan on taking her home and canning peaches the rest of the day (assuming that the peaches are ready).

This is a hell week for work. Victoria's Secret has ordered a bunch of candles and they want a third to half of them delivered by the end of the month. I found out about the order on Thursday. On Friday, I typed up an email laying out the constraints we face on meeting the deadline as well as what the plan should be for meeting it. They are formidable: supplies, equipment, and personel. These are good problems to have, but as I walk in to the shop today, Matt has done nothing over the weekend to address these least, nothing that I can see.

So, while I rested all weekend preparing to come in and work my ass off to make this happen, I came in today and have had the wind released from my sails. Exactly how hard am I supposed to work if the owners aren't willing to put in the required effort to actually complete the job? I cannot get excited about this. All I do is shrug and think that I'll give back what I see being given. I hate that attitude, but I'm frustrated. Give me a little time and I'll work out of my funk somewhat.

Robert, the other owner, wrote to me to assure me that Matt's been doing a lot behind the scenes. That's nice and I'm sure it's true. But it's not getting any candles made either.

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Scott said...

Guess you'll have to come over and pick up some wine.