Thursday, August 11, 2005

More quickies

A Spokane councilman won't stock his bar and restaurant with toilet paper. Patrons have to ask for the roll on the way to the bathroom. Doug Clark, of the Spokesman-Review, cleans up the mess.

A trial over an adult buying beer for his 17 year old neighbor is tossed out in Pennsylvania because the judge finds that prosecutors failed to prove that Miller Genuine Draft is indeed beer. I can't argue with that logic.

The Brits have invented a bikini that beeps every 15 minutes in order to warn the wearer to turn over and not get sunburned. Expect a vibrating model within a year from those who hate annoying beeps disturbing the peace.

Another conservative priest is caught having an affair. He denies it, of course, but the married woman's husband had a detective follow them and videotape them entering a leaving a motel. The New York Daily News has seen the tape.

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