Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Art Blogging

Brendan Danielsson makes the kind of work that fans of Tim Burton might appreciate. Warning: some of the work is not safe for work (or even home, if you're easily disturbed).

Eline van Dam's site is full of colorful, bizarre, and beautifully drawn illustrations.

Zohar Lazar, while being completely different from Mickey Duzyj (see below) also often ends up in the New Yorker, Jane, et al, but mixes a more of a Saturday Evening Post style with modern consequences.

Mickey Duzyj does the sort of illustrations that often end up in the New Yorker, Jane, and others. Good, classic, with a bit of retro and sometimes modern humor mixed together.

A little late for this year's Xmas, but order cards and gift tags from Repless Abandon for next year's holiday season. Stylin'.

Walter Vansconcelos, from Rio de Janeiro, offers textured collages.

Fudge Factory comics amuses me to no end. It's drawings are simple, but the context often strikes at the child ego that still inhabits us all.

Rob Sato is a twisted soul. His surreal images featuring bloated bodies with huge features runs smack into the face of our culture with it's obsessions with both thin bodies and huge personalities.

Tammy Wilder features fantastic collages. I love this work. It's the type of thing that strikes you immediately, yet rewards the more time you spend with it and explore it.

Gay on the Range features pulp paperback fiction from the 50s and 60s.

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