Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Keith Olbermann goes off

Whole thing at Crooks and Liars. Videos are 18MB in size. That's because the segment is over 7 minutes long. In it, Olbermann takes on Bill O'Reilly and John Gibson of Fox News. It's an excellent clip and Olbermann sounds sincerely pained over what he has to say about Gibson. Partial transcript:

Olbermann: "It is awfully painful. Whether he thinks me insincere or not, I really did like Gibbie. Hard working here, always there to cover a shift or help out in any way he could. Now, instead, he's denying he said some truly despicable things...things that were recorded for posterity. And worse, he's now trying to blame these hateful things on me. Ordinarily when someone gets caught saying something as intolerant as this, their choices are a) to apologize, b) to resign, or c) to make sure there's no tape and to lie their way out of it. John, unfortunately, chose d) blame it on somebody else.

The audio clip is the definitive answer, and I would hope John would now have the self-respect to acknowledge what he said, and to leave the airwaves for good. Because, between the remark and denial he has, sadly, forfeited his right to stay here."

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