Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sony rootkit uninstaller

After over 60 days after Sony knew about their rootkit problems they have now provided an uninstaller. The uninstaller site comes with some nice threatening legalese from Sony as well:

Please note that uninstalling from your computer the XCP software and associated content protection files loaded from an XCP-protected CD will NOT delete or affect your use of any audio files that you have previously transferred from an XCP-protected CD. Such files remain subject to the digital rights management rules in the End User License Agreement: namely that you may rip the audio into the secure formats provided on the disc, move these tracks to compatible portable devices, and make up to three copies of each track on to CD-Rs.

Please be advised that this program is protected by all applicable intellectual property and unfair competition laws, including patent, copyright and trade secret laws, and that all uses, including reverse engineering, in violation thereof are prohibited.
In other words, you can uninstall our software, but we can still sue your ass if you put a song on more than 3 CD-Rs. Oh, and if you reverse engineer our flawed software, we'll sue your ass for the bad publicity that accompanies it. Jackasses. I'd continue to boycott Sony.

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