Tuesday, December 06, 2005


For those of you who downloaded the Xmas mashup album, you might have noticed a couple of the fine cuts on the album by Voicedude. Well, I got a nice email from the person behind Voicedude and there are more cuts available.

Here Comes Santa In Black is an AC/DC take off that's quite fun and amusing.

I'll Be Shakin' The Dog is Marvin Gaye meets Peaches and Herb in a delightful pairing.

I'm The Man In Black is Johnny Cash meets Will Smith - inspired.

Lotsa Little Girls features The Beatles vs. Oingo Boingo vs. Maurice Chevalier - top notch.

Here's a couple of others that I haven't gotten to, yet. There's more than just the one on each link, so download, share, and enjoy.

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