Friday, December 30, 2005

Random Next Ten

iTunes is on fire today, so I'll post the tracks 11 through 20 to make up for the times I've missed:

11) The Knife - One For One
12) The Spongetones - Christmasland
13) Jimmy Cliff - Bring Out The Love
14) Joseph Arthur - All Of Our Hands
15) Arvo Part - Spiegel Im Spiegel (Violin and Piano)
16) Martha and the Muffins - Garden In The Sky
17) Radio Spots from the Blaxploitation Movie Era - Mandingo
18) William Orbit Vs. The J. Geils Band - Water From A Centerfold (DJ Mike W's Mash-up Mix)
19) Tin Hat Trio - Fire of Ada
20) Afrocelts - Rise Above It

The Jimmy Cliff tune is live. Joseph Arthur is making my best of list this year (again). M+M is an old fave. I've got a lot (60 or so) of those Blaxploitation radio spots from the 70s. Afrocelts' new CD is excellent.

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