Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Performancing for Firefox

I just downloaded and tried out a new blogging tool plug in for Firefox. Got to admit, it's pretty cool:

Performancing.com | Helping Bloggers Succeed

Well, despite falling asleep on the job last night, Performancing for Firefox
is finally here! Jed and I worked all night on this, and we're finally
happy to put our new blogging firefox extension out in beta for your

You can see a bunch of screenshots and download instructions on the Performancing for Firefox page.
Enjoy, and please give us your feedback. This tool will be built upon
rapidly, and we'll be posting more about how it works, and what we'd
like to do with it in the future when we've both got some rest.

For now, use the Performancing for Firefox Forums to report any bugs, make feature requests or ask for help.

Have fun, see you in a while :)

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