Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Whom do you believe?

German Khaled El-Masri, who says he was kidnapped and tortured by the CIA in it's rendition program:

The married father of five said that on New Year's Eve 2003 he boarded a bus in his hometown of Neu-Ulm for a holiday in Macedonia. At the border he was stopped by Macedonian authorities and his passport was confiscated.

He said he was detained by local authorities for 23 days and then handed over to what he believes was a team of CIA operatives. He then was flown to Afghanistan where he was subjected to abuse during four months in captivity.

Or Kindasleazy Rice:

Ms Rice reiterated that the US does not carry out or condone torture.

Ms Rice said the US respected the sovereignty of its partners, adding that the US had an obligation to defend its people and would use every lawful means to do so.

"We will live up, in the United States, to our commitments under our laws, and to our international obligations," she said.

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Scott said...

Let's see, rice has been caught in many, many lies intended to deceive the whole world. I'd say Khaled is the only one deserving the benefit of the doubt.