Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bush claims the government invented the iPod

I'm not kidding. Bush had his Al Gore moment at a speech this week at Tuskegee University. Giving a speech on the importance of government contributions to research and technology development, Mr. Bush said the following:
Here's another interesting example of where basic research can help change quality of life or provide practical applications for people. The government funded research in microdrive storage, electrochemistry and signal compression. They did so for one reason: It turned out that those were the key ingredients for the development of the Ipod.
Emphasis was mine. Man, Steve Jobs has infiltrated the highest levels of government. I hope the liberals attack Bush on this point as viciously as the conservatives attacked Gore for his comments on inventing the Internets.

As Boing Boing pointed out this week, the President also listens to what, according to the RIAA, are illegal tunes on his iPod.

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