Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm just saying

I never favored term limits. In fact, I don't favor them for the President. People should have the right to elect the person that they want in office. I know that Roosevelt garnered a lot of power during his unprecedented time in office, but it was a war and he was necessary for the job. Reagan, who I disliked immensely, would have been re-elected without term limits. Though I would have hated every minute of it, I supported the idea. Heck, without term limits, Bill Clinton would have prevented Bush from being in office in 2000.

However, I understand the desire for term limits. I also think that once you make a pledge and run under a term limits platform you should stick to it. So, why are at least 22 Republicans breaking that pledge? There are actually more than 22, but statistics are still being gathered. The 1994 Contract With America, with great ballyhoo, promised a return to the citizen legislature. It was a good sound bite, but where is the action? Oh, to be sure, some of these people could have changed their minds, but one wonders with so many of them changing their minds, were they just lying? Vote them out and make them stick to their words. In fact, vote for Republican challengers and let the challenger win the election, but these people should be held accountable. Here's the list for starters (Mat tip to MyDD):

Kay Bailey Hutchison, TX-Sen
Olympia Snowe, ME-Sen
Judy Biggert, IL-13
Ken Calvert, CA-44
Steve Chabot, OH-01
Barbara Cubin, WY-AL
Phil English, PA-03
Jeff Flake, AZ-06
Gil Gutknecht, MN-01
Doc Hastings, WA-04
Timothy V. Johnson, IL-15
Ric Keller of FL-08
Steve LaTourette, OH-14
Ron Lewis, KY-02
Frank LoBiondo, NJ-02
Don Manzullo, IL-16
Joe Pitts, PA-16
Mark Souder, IN-03
Tom Tancredo, CO-06
Lee Terry, NE-02
Dave Weldon, FL-15
Zach Wamp, TN-3

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