Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So, the Feds want ISPs to log every site you surf to as well as all of your emails. Ostensibly, this is to counter terrorism and child pornography, however, one can easily see how this can get out of hand as it has in another country. Hint: rumor has it that the U.S. is anxious to bomb the other country.

Why should we be surprised by this anyhow? After all, the Feds also want to rifle through files of a dead reporter. Jack Andersen was a patriot. For the FBI to suggest otherwise besmirches his legacy.

Dr. Henry Heimlich is coming to Tacoma, Washington to give a lecture. His son, Peter, thinks his father is a fraud. No reason not to believe the son since the elder Heimlich is pushing a theory that researchers should use malaria to combat AIDS.

Meet Chevalier d'Eon, the "patron saint of transvestites" (b. 1728).

Scientists condemn the U.S. as the world's biggest emittor of greenhouse gases and for setting a record in doing so in 2005.

Scott McClellan resigned as White House spokesman today. No doubt we'll hear Al Franken claim that McClellan just couldn't stand the humiliation any longer. No doubt we'll hear more news reports about a lame duck President shaking up his cabinet. Actually, it's natural for executive branch staff to leave before coming too close to the end of second term in office. Especially when you have a presidency as failed and failing as this one. Rummy and Cheney won't leave, of course. They are at the end of their political careers (which began with Nixon). Rice won't leave either and neither will Gonzales. Question: If the 4 most powerful people on the staff (and Karl Rove) are staying, how much of a shake up is it really? The mainstream media better wake up! This is fake blood in the water to get the sharks off the President's tail for a short time period. If it doesn't smell like a political perp, then it isn't one. Don't fall for it.

The most fascinating thing about the revelation from Tom Cruise about eating a placenta? The Independent reports that many cultures do it and one British cheflebrity actually cooked one up during a broadcast and served it to the parents.

Entertainment: YouTube video of trailer for the 1971 exploitation flick: Bad Girls Go To Hell. Related: YouTube video for a Japanese anime called Colorful which has very little plot other than to show images of women's panties and cleavage all in the name of making fun of what pigs men are.

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