Saturday, April 29, 2006

Poem - Jessica Hagedorn

In celebration of National Poetry Month

Something About You

this is for ntozake
of the painted sacred monkeys
on the beaches of the caribbean
the chinese ladies weep
into their ivory fans
as she dances the bomba

and this is for pedro
in brooklyn and puerto rico
and the beautiful blueness
of the water of my voice
the music will save you
from madness
if you listen

and this is for the rose who is dead

and thulani with the moon in her hair

this is for the cartoon lady ifa
of the planet venus with the green eyes
and the darkness of her
that all new orleans weeps
as she dances for lena horne
and dorothy dandridge
who is dead

and this is for the wizard
who swallows his tears
like diamonds
lost in the caves
of his gentle throat
the music will consume your sadness
if you keep singing

this is for the one whose aura was silver

and this is for the man
who chases butterflies and alcoholics
in latin nightclub dreams
and kisses me with zoom lenses
on the beaches of the hollywood freeway
all the hibiscus bloom
as you devour iguanas

and this is for the men who loved me

and the one i loved

and the child who is a mirror

this is for the one who bears light
who is the color of egypt
the cuban drummers are joyous
when nashira moves across the floor
of crying laughter

something about you
all of us
with songs inside
knifing the air of sorrow
with our dance
a carnival of spirits
shredded blossoms
in the water

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