Thursday, April 27, 2006

Stupid pandering

CNN reports that Senate Republicans are going to offer a plan to rebate $100 to every American for the price of gas. Um, why don't they get their president to stop his unnecessary saber rattling with Iran and make nice with Venezuela? Why don't they repeal the tax breaks they gave oil companies in the energy bill? Why don't they require higher fuel efficiency standards and add a vehicle emissions tax? Why don't they offer bigger tax breaks to consumers who buy energy efficient vehicles and eliminate the ones for SUVs? Why don't they fund alternative energy sources more fully? Why don't they lead by example and drive more efficient cars, drive less often, and fly less? Why not offer more public transportation subsidies? Why offer this "break" to everyone instead of only to those who meet certain pay scale and vehicle standards?Haven't they heard that our budget is in deficit and that we are at war?

Democrats plan to offer a competing plan so that we can watch the monkeys vie to see who can be the silliest pandering assholes on the hill in an election year. Geez, this is so fucking stupid my head is spinning. I could go on and on all day with better suggestions.


Scott said...

A rebate? If we get a gas rebate, that infers it comes from the producers. This is a flat out admission that our government and big oil consider themselves to be one entity.

B.D. said...

Good point, Scott. Since I posted, some of the things I complained about have appeared in Republican plans for the bill. It still doesn't contain a windfall profit tax and, as someone else said, asking the White House to investigate oil companies is a bit like asking Dick Cheney to investigate shooting accidents.