Monday, April 10, 2006

Myths of the Near Future Vol. 1 through 3

Between January and September 1993 the trio of Skuli Sverrisson (bass), Carsten Tiedemann (Percussion, guitars, african lute, synthesizer, central african voice/bird/forest sounds and processing), and Jamshied Sharifi (synthesizers, bells, and other noises) known as Mo Boma recorded their opus: Myths of the Near Future. While the recording was done during a brief time period in several cities (New York, Johannesburg, Witbank, and Erlangen) it was to be a wait of 3 years for fans to get the complete set. Extreme, Mo Boma's label decided to release the songs in 3 albums (Parts one through three). As with the previous release, Jijimuge, Myths of the Near Future touches on jazz, ambient, world music, and electronic music styles. The result is something akin to Jon Hassell's Fourth World Music.

The title of the albums and many of the song titles were chosen from the works of J.G. Ballard. The first song on Part One takes it's title from a book by Terence McKenna, "Food of the Gods". Printed on all of the discs is the following dedication: "This music is dedicated to the memory of the planets, animals and indigenous peoples whose extinction is caused by man (not woman)."

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Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

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