Sunday, April 09, 2006

Poem - Anne Waldman

Spel Against Specious Ones

that they be doused roiling water

that adamantine speech go against them every time

that glamorous women turn their heads from them

that children run

that if they perpetuate war & famine they rot in hell

that hell be ferociously hot

that they are no longer recognizable or loved

that they get no more votes

that they exude an aura of sickness & scent of doom

that their credit runs out

that they are disbarred from the marketplace

that they are banished from the kingdom of poetry &

music forever

that their seed dries up

that they loll about mindlessly in sad places


Gone Bone Gone out of Gentle Pathways!

If you'd like to hear Ms. Waldman read some of her work - and she is a poet that cries out to be heard - try downloading this album from ubuweb. It's free and legal.

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