Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Oh, Wonkette simply scores with this post:

We only have Abramoff on the hook today because his partner, Michael Scanlon, rolled on him. And, as Raw Story reported today, we may only know about Michael Scanlon because of a jilted former lover, Emily Miller, who avenged herself after Scanlon took up with a manicurist by going to the FBI and dropping the proverbial dime. You may remember Miller from the time she famously attempted to prematurely end a Meet The Press interview with Colin Powell.

But wait, it gets even more enjoyable.

Tom Delay, whose extensive dealings with Abramoff have goosed speculation that his name may be well-suited to appear on the Abramoffukkah bingo card, has loudly complained that all of the scandals surrounding him are baseless and are all "just another seedy attempt by the liberal media to embarrass me." Deliciously, Scanlon and Miller met one another when they both worked for Tom Delay -- he as his director of communications, she as his press secretary -- and soon after, took up their campaign of furtive, secret a-boinking. So I guess these means that the "liberal media" includes Delay's own press mouthpieces. Who knew?

It's all a seven-layer dip of tasty malfeisance with the sourest of creams yet to be added. Still, you have to wonder, with the intricate webs of distrust so clearly on display within the Congress, between members and aides and lobbyists, isn't it just awesome that it will be these people who will try to decide who gets to wiretap who?

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