Monday, January 16, 2006

Friday Monday Art Blogging

This post is a little late. Normally it comes out on Friday, but that was delayed this week due to my baking adventures (see post below for explanation). I hope you enjoy what I've dug up this week!

M. Mizuho's paintings are utterly amazing. I only post one image (and a lo res one at that) because the site is a Flash site. I'm not familiar with converting flash images to JPGs so I cribbed this one from another site. Check out his work.

Andy Ward's work is dynamic. His collections focusing on music capture motion, excitement, and magic.

Collage style paintings by Anthony Freda. Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a sucker for giraffes.

Ashley Wood's blog has some great work on it.

Daniel Davis' illustrations often deal with monsters and/or robots.

Gerald Laing's Iraq War paintings are scathing commentaries on the values espoused by the United States versus those shown during this time of war.

Graham Roumieu is a well published illustrator. He amuses me to no end.

Greg Houston's illustrations are comic and horrifying. Directly above is his caricature of Elvis Costello.

Works by Jared Chapman who also posts other artist's work at Drawn!

John John Jesse's punk rock aesthetic is captivating.

Josh Cochran illustrations. Part editorial, a little retro, but in a modern way. Also, check out Josh's work along with others at The Plundering blog.

An incredible collection of old movie posters, mostly from Europe and many NSFW.

Illustrations by Niko Henrichon. A mix of comix, sci fi, horror, and editorial art.

Alexander Paulin photography. More than just nudes and style, Paulin also does stock and travel photography.

From the Did you just call me a prick!?!? blog featuring a treasure trove of contributors.

Will Cotton - paintings. A little eye candy.

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