Monday, January 02, 2006

Music chart

By now you might have noticed the music chart to the left. It compiles a list of artists that have been played on my iTunes player throughout a week and lists them in order of most played. I keep the iTunes player on shuffle mode, so this chart doesn't really reflect what I've listened to all week. Most of my listening is done on the home stereo or the car. It does accurately reflect what I've listened to at the PC.

Except that this week's chart is a bit distorted. gets fed this information from the iTunes player on my PC using a plug in called iScrobbler. The problem is that's servers took a dive late last week and have been down all weekend. In the meantime, iScrobbler has been caching my playlist.'s charts are compiled on Sunday nights and published on Monday. Apparently that function is still working and so that chart was updated today. However, it doesn't reflect what I've listened to since about Thursday.

Not that I mind, but it points to a curious flaw in the program and I thought readers might find it interesting.

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