Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Art Blogging

Blogger is being a tad difficult this morning, but I got this up (finally). My mind is also not cooperating as I completely forgot that it's Friday. Random top 20 coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy some art and remember, it's not all safe for work.

Andy and Scott Garrett, illustrators from the U.K.

Carey Sookochef, illustrator

Juliana Pedemonte, under the guise of The Color Blok

Drew Weing, illustration and comics.

A small collection of old Japanese postcards

Nath-Sakura Balsan du Verneuil, fetish photographer.

Peter Franck

Sage Sohier

Taner Ceylon, born in Germany and living in Turkey.

Tara Hardy (top two) and Marie-Eve Tremblay (bottom 2) whose works along with many other wonderful illustrators can be found at Colagene.

The Girls Productions is featuring their newest works on their blog. A variety of mediums is represented. Above is a painting and a plush toy.

Vince Packard does water colors, tattoos, animations, and sculpture.

The simply incredible and varied work of Yuko Shimizu

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