Friday, January 20, 2006

Not much blogging for a few days

Shawn's birthday was yesterday. She also had events at school to deal with. I met her in the afternoon at the UW bookstore where I came across Talk to the Hand to give to Shawn for the special day. She has read the author's previous work, Eats, Shoots and Leaves, and loved it.

After leaving the store, we drove down to Volunteer Park for a brief walk around. It had been years since Shawn had been there. The weather was brisk, but walking made it nice. We even caught a small bit of sunset. From Volunteer Park, we drove down to Belltown for dinner at Restaurant Zoe. The meal was a gift from my parents to Shawn for her birthday. We shared a lovely garden salad. Shawn had grilled scallops that were served with lentils, bacon, shallots. I had a baked Mediterranean Sea Bass stuffed with shallots and fresh herbs and served on a bed of limas, cherry tomatoes (yum!), and haricot verts. We shared their molten chocolate cake and a glass of armangac for dessert. It was a very good dinner in a nice, cozy restaurant.

We finished dinner early and came home to watch The Brothers Grimm on DVD (rental). It's a dark, pretty good Terry Gilliam film. I'd like to have seen his original cut along with the special effects he wanted to put into the film.

All in all a nice birthday. It continues today as Shawn has the day off. I'm meeting her in Bellevue at 10 AM or so. We're going to eventually head down to Seattle to meet SophiaKitty for lunch at The Boat Street Cafe. From there, we're going shopping at Nordstrom's. After that, there is talk of meeting up with some of Shawn's fellow students for beers and/or meeting our friend Phil for beers. Whew...busy day. I'll probably log back on with a report tomorrow.

Movies for the weekend: The Constant Gardener and Broken Flowers.

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