Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The religious right has been attacking Mattel for months. Now comes this post from Americablog:

The religious right is now attacking Barbie for promoting "gender confusion." According to the men at the Concerned Women for America, Barbie is urging kids to go bi:
"This is directed at children aged four to eight... that's a really young age to be directing something along the lines of bisexuality."
Yes, Barbie is making four year olds want to have sex with other four year olds of the same gender. And the Concerned Men would prefer that children have sex with four year olds of the opposite gender, I guess.

What's really going on here is that the religious right has been attacking Mattel for months, just like they went after Ford and Microsoft and Allstate and Kraft and every other major American company. This is just another way for them to attack Mattel and get Mattel to do something bigoted to make amends.

But claiming that Barbie is promoting bisexuality to four year olds, that's just whacked.

PS They also attack Barbie for not being a good Christian because good Christian girls only want to serve the Lord, get married, stay at home and have kids. I'm not making this up. I guess if you're a woman (or a doll) who wants a career, then you're a dyke.

You really have to go to the Concerned (ahem) Women for America site to get the full flavor of their argument. It's completely outrageous. Listen to the audio (4.5 minutes long) while you're there because the picture does not do it justice. The nut being interviewed states that, by suggesting to girls that they can have a career and not marry, Barbie is "suspect to begin with", but by adding this new transgender issue Mattel is going "over the top". Since when does "I don't know" equate with bisexuality? When did 6 year old girls become so wise to gender theory?

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