Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Art Blogging

This week's art blogging could be called, "More Brazil; less sex". How can that be?!!? Well, it all started with the first artist on the list, Baptistao. I was so impressed with his caricatures that I began clicking links to other Brazillian artists from his blog. And so on and so on - the veritable house of mirrors. As for the "less sex" part? What can I say but that much of what I found this week was not sexually oriented making this the most work safe posting in quite a while.

Baptistao, caricatures from Brazil.

Beverley Ashe, lovely paintings

Biratan is a comic illustrator from Brazil. His work falls into several subject matters and much of it amused me. I spent entirely too much time on his site this week.

Britton Walters has a project on to do an illustration per day. He did this last year as well.

Diego Fermin - not much art on his site, but what is there is wonderful.

Eco Moliterno

Gustavo Duarte, caricaturist from Brazil.

Jeremy Forson very creepy stuff

Orlando Pedroso

Gerard Rancinan, whose photography fascinated me so much that I post more here by him than I do others. It's very reminiscent of David LaChapelle.

Samuel Casal

Sugar Frosted Goodness is a collaborative blog run by several illustrators. I like this format as it makes it easy for me to locate several different approaches to the art of illustration. Seen above are works from Vonster (bottom) and Alina Chau.

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