Wednesday, January 04, 2006

WMF - Hexblog servers down

Hexblog's patch for the WMF exploit has been so popular that his servers were brought down yesterday. There are many sites that are now hosting the patch. GRC, SANS, Sunbelt, and CastleCops all have a site for downloads. The latter link also has kindly given the creator of the patch, Ilfak, a forum in which to discuss the problem and his patch.

MSI repackages of the patch can be found here and here.

The WMF vulnerability checker can be found at Sunbelt and CastleCops.

The MD5 checksum of the file is ba65e1954070074ea634308f2bab0f6a.

And where did I get all of this info? From Ilfak's own site which is up again, but barely. His new IP address has not yet propagated to all DNS servers yet. Downloads from his site have been temporarily discontinued.

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