Friday, January 27, 2006

Political quickies

It seems that the good employees at the DHS might be participating in a time honored tradition of the American worker: surfing porn on company time.
The Homeland Security Department’s internal computer network generated 65 million security alerts during a three-month period and 6.5 million of those may be linked to employees accessing pornographic words or materials, according to a report today from DHS inspector general Richard Skinner...

However, DHS could not identify the specific workstations that had generated the messages, the inspector general found...

DHS’ automated network security tools—which create warnings when detecting a possible breach of IT security—are programmed to look for pornographic keywords such as “oral.” But sometimes alerts are generated when the keywords are embedded in other words, such as in “behavioral,” the report said.
Or "anal" as in "The State of the Union address is bound to be banal." Hey, maybe that's why former Attorney General John Asshat has been seen over at the DHS so much lately! See, Asshat is a lobbyist now. In fact, one of his clients is Oracle. He's made over $250,000 in 3 months shaking his money making tongue.

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