Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New, fast male fertility test

Having known a couple of men who have had to go to clinics for a test, this will be a welcome new product for many, I'm sure.

To conduct the test the man produces a sample, sets the device and within an hour will find out whether he has enough sperm to fertilise a female egg.

The test works by forcing sperm to swim through a barrier mimicking the female cervix. It then measures the number of sperm which get beyond this point.

"produces a sample"? It's not like he's developing a new auto product!

"mimicking the female cervix"? Because mimicking the male cervix is a much more complicated task. How does one mimic the cervix anyhow? "Any of you boys think you can handle me? Well, do ya?"

It's a serious topic and I'm happy to see this new development in a diagnosis tool. The article, though, leaves something to be giggled at.

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