Monday, February 13, 2006

Community Guidelines for Flickr

Yascrew/Flickr has just recently posted community guidelines. Most of it's pretty standard stuff. One thing did catch my eye, Don't:
Upload photos that include frontal nudity, genitalia or anything else that your bathing suit should cover in public areas of Flickr
If you do we'll make your photostream private and remind you of this Guideline. If you don't heed our warning and continue to make similar content public, we'll terminate your account without warning. This applies to your Buddy Icon as well.
In other words, they are trying to prevent porn in public areas of the site. Of course, not all nudity is pornography. I wonder how this is going to affect sites and groups that have previously publicly shared nude content? This is a damn shame in some ways, but totally expected from the owners. Flickr, you've been Yascrewed!

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