Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dickie's Quickies

The Taliban in Afghanistan are attacking children and schools. Residents are frustrated that their government, the U.S., and the British are not doing enough to protect them. Keep this in my when Mr. Bush or his wife try to remind you of how much improved the lives are of women and children in Afghanistan. Surely, some things have improved, but it isn't black and white and some things have gotten worse. What to do? I don't know at this point, but we might look into putting more troops there, along with our partners. We should never have gone into Iraq without dealing with finishing the job in Afghanistan, that is for certain.

Libya locks up rape victims for their own protection and out of respect for their Muslim traditions. Disgusting.

Something a little on the cheerier side: S/M themed handbags. Hat tip to the lovely Violet Blue.

Finally, Boing Boing is infuriated with a company that now filters their site because they have posted nudity. The editors there note, as I have done here, the obvious point that nudity is not pornography. SmartFilter, which is an oxymoron, doesn't get it. To protest these actions, Boing Boing suggests posting a picture of David which you see at the top of the screen. Nudity is not pornography. Of course, this site has often posted nude photography that some would argue is pornography, though I would greatly disagree. That sounds an awful lot like a point I made about a protest on Flickr that I proposed a couple of weeks ago. Still, late to the game Boing Boing and only aiming your protest because it affects your interests and the party involved is not your friend, better late than never. I post 2 pictures in solidarity with you along with your banner.

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