Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Art blogging

Starting off this week's selection with 3 from Ceiling of Glass. I'll let the artist's statement explain it for you:

i seek to capture the haunted side of life
the unnerving juxtapositions when a beautiful
moment is infiltrated by disturbing energy

Dennis Jones has a pretty amazing site displaying his illustrations. Not only are the illustrations very well done and with plenty of humor, but the site design is top notch.

Derek Yu is a talented illustrator and painter. I'd like to see more of his painting on his site.

El Senor Juanito presents some interesting and sometimes disturbing images in his illustrations. I love the way he creates motion and insight by using 2 different styles, layered to illustrate what is happening.

Geoff Cordner captures the punk aesthetic in his photography. The grainy black and white photos of various models add to the tough world that he portrays. Terrific work

John Kricfalusi's work might be familiar to many of you as the mind behind Ren and Stimpy. Check out his blog for more of his work.

Jurg is a painter whose work combines beauty, caricature, and the grotesque.

Justin and Josh Parpin are brothers, in college, each with blogs and both illustrators. Talent runs in that family. The bottom illustration is by Justin for a class assignment of a Robinson Cruiso type character.

Kelly Alder's illustrations are very well done.

Mark Daughn's site a pretty typical nude photography site. I did find his esoteric section amusing.

Men of my Dreams is a gay porn site. However, skip the erotic section (which is pay for view) and go to the models and art sections for some interesting and enticing works.

Ron English's paintings are amazing. It was hard for me to narrow down to 3 to post here. He's got a show coming up with Mark Mothersbaugh and I think these show why.

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