Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Art Blogging

Bill Steber is documenting the blues culture in Mississippi. Both of these photos were taken in the late 1990s. Check out his site and hear him discuss the work.

Brandon Scott has a way with conveying light and shadows in his illustrations.

Chloe Poizat has a very nice collage feel to her illustrations.

Claudio Edinger, photographer whose work is just wonderful. He captures moments in people and places in a rather beautiful way.

Eldon Denini was a cartoonist for Playboy in the 60s.

Eleanor Davis, illustrator who's doing fine. I really like her black and white "personal works" better than much of the color, commercial work.

Fred Kyrel is a fetish photographer whose work is clearly influenced by fashion photographers.

Jose Martins, illustrator with a good eye. Some of his works are like miniature paintings.

Kirinawa, fetish photography that rises above many in the genre. There are some fantastic artistic elements in his work.

Lisa Krivacka's work focuses on travel pictures on an imaginary American landscape.

Maryn Roos, illustrator who focuses on works for children.

Oscar Grillo, illustrator who also has a professional blog to go with his personal one (first link).

Penelope Dullghan, illustrator, from her series, "The Best Advice I Ever Got"

Peter Lenzo, sculptures worth losing your head over.

Robert Valley, illustrator, comic artist, and short film maker.

Tony Fitzpatrick, amazing collage art.

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