Thursday, February 02, 2006

New House Majority Leader

If you haven't heard yet, Representative John Boehner (pronounced BAY-ner, schoolkids) of Ohio has won the House Leadership position. He beats out Roy Blunt of Missouri. Really, it's the lesser of two crooks. Boehner, while head of the Agriculture committee, handed out checks in 1996 to other members as Xmas presents from tobacco lobbyists. While Blunt had his own problems seeing as he is tied to the Abramoff/Delay scandals. My guess is that Republicans decided that story was too hot to elect Blunt to the top position. He still retains his position as Majority Whip, however.

What was really interesting or amusing about this election was there was a voting irregularity. Republicans? Voting irregularities? Roll Call reports the following:
House Republicans are taking a mulligan on the first ballot for Majority Leader. The first count showed more votes cast than Republicans present at the Conference meeting. Stay with for updates.
Perhaps someone in the GOP learned those Florida and Ohio tricks a leetle too well.

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