Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dickie's Quickies

The Independent has a couple of interesting stories this morning. The first is on how bad for the environment bottled water is.

It costs 10,000 times more to create the bottled version than it does to produce tap water, say scientists. Huge resources are needed to draw it from the ground, add largely irrelevant minerals, and package and distribute it - sometimes half-way around the world.

The plastic bottles it comes in take 1,000 years to biodegrade, and in industrialised countries, bottled water is no more pure and healthy than what comes out of the tap.

I've never understood the fad myself. I rarely go buy the stuff. My filters in my kitchen are fine and my water tastes pretty good. This just gives me more reason not to get caught up in the trend.

The second story is that the government in the UK is going to start making STD tests available for free. Good for them. It's a progressive approach to the problem.


Anonymous said...

Bottled water has its place such as when traveling where you are not sure if the water is safe to drink and as an emergency source of water during a natural disaster. Heck, it's down right the best water you will find while flying (ever tasted airline water that wasn't bottled? Blech!) That said, I don't think bottle water is any better for you, just that it has its place.

As for the bottles taking forever to decay, well every bottle of water I ever picked up was recyclable. RECYCLE FOLKS!

B.D. said...

Better yet, save those bottles and fill them up with water at home when possible to take on hikes, traveling, or flying.

Even with recycling (which I support), the energy expended on creating the bottles and then transporting them (to your house and the recycling centers) still damages the environment.

I agree that bottled water has it's place. I've bought some on occasion and then try to reuse the bottles when I can plan ahead. But I don't understand the folks that buy cases of this stuff at Costco to drink from throughout the week/month at their own homes. Not in America or Canada, I don't...let alone Europe.