Tuesday, April 04, 2006


The BBC reports that Arthur C. Clarke is involved in a clock fight of his own in Sri Lanka, where he has lived for 50 years. Apparently, the country is debating whether or not to switch time zones - the third such change in 10 years.

Seattle's best record store - well, at least the one with the widest and most eclectic array of music - Wall of Sound is going on line. They haven't got sales up and running yet, but look for it in the near future.

The Tom Delay resignation is the big political news event for the day. Hit and Run have the best headline that I've read so far: Tom Delay to Seek Lucrative Consulting Job. Funny stuff and, sadly, a ring of truth in it. My Lefty friends are all cheering about this in large part because they are seeing the big bad witch being torn down. They are crowing about the possibility that he saw his legal problems catching up with him.

I disagree. After years of decrying Delay's hubris, ego, and self righteousness you simply cannot believe that he thinks he's going to jail. No, my guess is that he still thinks that he'll beat the rap.

Rather, this quote from the NY Times article reveals something closer to the truth behind Delay's resignation:
"The decision had absolutely nothing to do with the investigation," Mr. Cullen said. "It was a very personal decision and a political one."
That's Richard Cullen, Mr. Delay's principle attorney in his legal fight. Another line from that article:
He was also said to have been influenced by troubling poll numbers in his district in the Houston area.
This action was decided upon after looking at his poll numbers in his district and realizing that he might lose to his Democratic opponent. This is still reason for the Lefty's to cheer; just not the reason that many of them are cheering for. Sure, if Delay did the crimes, and I think that he did, then I want to see him in a prison uniform, but that's not the reason he is stepping down.

Delay thinks that he'll beat the legal issues, but he'll lose the political race. Rather than take the ass whooping at the polls that he deserves, he's stepping down to let another Republican take it for him. He's a coward and a crook as well as a bully. He's stepping down, hoping to put the legal problems behind him, and then, later, when the political waters are better for Republicans, planning on making some sort of career revival. That's why the Hit and Run headline is so sadly on the mark. Delay will probably seek a consulting position and then seek an appointment when a Republican is elected President. In this respect, he's following the Newt Gingrich strategy. Only Newt resigned mid-term and under legal duress, not because he was facing an ass whooping at the polls.

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