Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Durex, the condom manufacturer has a new site: Dickorations for dressing up penises. The site features patterns that can be printed and cut out for dressing up the male member like the one above. Best yet are the "testimonials" on the site. There are only three of those, but I'll reprint one for you here so that you can get a feel for the quality of the thoughts:

From Sally Joe: "My boyfriend came home the other night all dressed up and with a bunch of flowers. He never does that, so I figured he'd screwed something up AS USUAL! LOL ;) Instead, he took off his pants and his penis was wearing a tuxedo. I was like, "Damn that's one handsome penis." Keep 'em coming, Dickorations!!!!"

Is this supposed to be appealing? Why can't they just decorate their penises the old fashioned way with tattoos and piercings and any number of devices?

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