Monday, May 01, 2006

More quickies

Anna Nicole Smith won her battle in the U.S. Supreme Court. Great. Now we'll get to hear more reporting from nerdy correspondents trying to show how hip they are by analyzing her, um, case. Nothing against Ms. Smith. I'm actually interested in seeing how the Supremes explain their way around this one.

The Age in Australia is reporting on an interview with an ex-CIA employee to be aired on ABC tonight who claims that the Bush government allowed Zarqawi to escape. Allegedly, Bush didn't want to upset the French government. Bet he wasn't eating Freedom Fries.

According to the NY Times, the good news is that the public isn't buying the politicians pandering before the elections by offering $100 gas rebates. The bad news is that the Democrats, apparently missing the message, are wrestling with the Republicans to claim the title of the best panderers.

Also in the Times today, Google whines and lies about Microsoft's new browser. Sure, it does load in MSN as the default search engine. But, in my instance, when Yascrew toolbar is included, it loads the Yascrew search engine as well. I'll bet it does the same for the Google toolbar which, oddly enough, doesn't offer an MSN or Yascrew option. IE 7 beta 2 also makes it very easy to change the default search engine and, like Firefox, offers many search engine options (though not nearly as many as Firefox). Does "Do no evil" include lying, Google? Hey, I'm all for bashing MSN and I bash Microsoft's browser all of the time, but there's no need for a big boy like Google to cry wolf when the competition heats up and that's what is happening.


Zarathustra's Son said...

I have the Google Toolbar installed, and IE7beta2 did have Google as the default search engine.

B.D. said...

Thanks for letting me know. As someone else pointed out yesterday, Google also installs as a default in Firefox. This seems to be yet another case of a company attempting to gain competitive advantage through the courts, rather than the market place that they so often laud.