Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More on Limos and Representatives

Harper's has more on the limo service:
The limo company does business under at least four different names; in addition, the office addresses listed on its business filings regularly change. A number of those office addresses are actually at residential buildings or business suites, and calls to the listed phone numbers are taken by an answering service.

One of the names the company operates under is Ambassador Luxury Tours and Transportation (website at, which is listed as a vendor by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. The “Ambassador” website flags a special five-hour tour to Atlantic City and other resorts for $189. Dan Heneghan of the NJCCC said the company has not yet passed the level of business required for a formal license, so there's no information on file as to which casinos the company specifically does business with.

Meanwhile, we've learned that Shirlington had at least two other unreported federal contracts, one with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (for $519,823) and another with the Federal Highway Administration (for $142,000). That brings Shirlington's total take from five federal contracts to about $25 million.

TPM Muckraker sent a reporter over to Shirlington's listed office to see what it's like. It seems like they cleared out a week or two ago. That gives this story a murky quality to it which is just what a story about possible corrupt politicians, intelligence agents, defense contractors, hookers, and a limo company needs.

And just so I'm not accused of not being fair and balanced, let's also note that a new allegation has appeared in Rep. William Jefferson's (D-LA) corruption case. Apparently this pond scum was taking bribes for access to government contracts and to promote business in Africa. Jefferson is accused of taking a half million or so dollars in his case. Small change compared to the Dukester. I guess Republicans really are better at business.

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