Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Mark Morford's column today, Can You Still Hate Wal-Mart? Yes, Mark, you can still hate them and for reasons you've already noted.

Ryuichi Sakamoto is protesting a new nuclear plant in Japan. You can download his benefit tunes here. I'm not a techno-phobe. If we had a way to properly dispense of the waste, I'd be all for nuclear energy. However, without that plan it seems to me to be unconscionable to support nuclear plants. It's just like our current deficits, only worse. Instead of passing along a problem to the next generation, we're passing along a problem to the next 1,000 generations.

The Seattle Times political reporter, Neil Postman, has a new blog. One of yesterday's posts contains snippets of an interview with a Democratic party pollster who says that the Dems should be counting on victories come November:
"We need to nationalize the elections. We need a tidal wave. They're going to localize it and try to disqualify our individual candidates. It's very clear what the struggle is."
There's some truth to this, however, IMO, challengers need to show a streak of independence from their party bosses. One of the raps against the current Congress is that they rubber stamp the President's actions. Use that as your unifying issue, then show some of your own independence by presenting your ideas that clash with the national Democratic party. Demonstrate you are a leader, contrast that against the Republican follower, and present it as a positive trait.

Police state tactics: Wisconsin Supreme Court approves of police force feeding laxatives to suspects in order to recover the swallowed drug evidence. Rather than just letting nature take it's course.

Police state tactics, local edition: Tennessee High School Principal files charges against school valedictorian who dares to speak at his own graduation. Nice civics lesson, there. Hat top to Tennessee Guerilla Women.

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