Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jack Cafferty video

The reaction of members of Congress regarding the FBI raid on William Jefferson's office has been ridiculous. I could understand the outrage if this same Congress had not already let the Executive Branch run all over the Legislative branch in pursuit of trampling citizen's rights. Further, the outrage could be understood if not for the fact that the Justice Department had followed procedure and issued a subpoena for documents and that subpoena was ignored for months. I do understand how people feel uneasy about the fact that Mr. Jefferson, a black Democrat from New Orleans, gets his office raided and not, say, Tom Delay, Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney, or any of the other crooks who have profited far more than Jefferson, but perhaps their offices actually responded to the subpoenas?

Anyhow, the whole thing is outrageous. The Democrats look as bad as the Republicans on this issue. They should kick Jefferson out of their party and strip him of committee assignments. Then they should stop whining about the raid. Yes, I do understand the Constitutional issues, but frankly, getting worked up about protecting the Constitutional rights of a body that has let this President trample my rights and, in fact, abetted him by passing the so-called Patriot Act, is difficult to do. Fuck 'em. Vote the muthas out - all of them.

The video below of Jack Cafferty of CNN sums up much of my thoughts:

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Scott said...

I haven't watched the video, but I have been pretty conflicted in my opinions on this. Congressmen are not, and should not be above the law.

On the other side is separation of powers. Also the president should not be above the law either.

I think the search should have been carried out by other than the president's men. I also think congress should exercise a few search warrants of their own against the president. War crimes, intelligence manipulation, energy regulation manipulation, etc.

It will never happen, and what law enforcement agency could do the search? There is the crux of the matter. If the congress can't search the oval office, executive flunkies shouldn't be searching congress. I don't know enough civics. Who would be authorized to search executive offices? Certainly not the executive's attack dogs (aka DOJ).