Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The silence is deafening when it comes to coverage of Stephan Colbert's performance the other night. The main media outlets are not mentioning it at all. Truly, this is a sad reaction. You'd think that they were as mad as Bush. Then again, maybe they didn't get the joke.

The Rude Pundit on why New Orleans is fucked.

How do you like your national anthem? Think Progress reports on Congress commissioning a Spanish language version in 1919. There are four Spanish language versions on the State Department's website. (Showing how translation is an imperfect art). How about one for the bier garten? Or perhaps you prefer to sing one while you practice your Julia Child's recipes? Oh, heck, here's a few more. I'm looking for a link, but apparently our President, before he discovered National pandering politics, has been known to go to fund raisers and sing the anthem in Spanish himself.

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