Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last week's top artists list

As recorded by Last.fm. For some reason I cannot log into my Last.fm account. I sent them an email about it. I reset my password with them and logged in just fine on the rest page. Then, I navigated to my home page and...was not logged in. Their reply: "That's odd." Nothing since then. I have one other site that reacts this way - Cook's Illustrated. That site recognizes my login, where I can look at my account settings and so on, but if I search for a recipe then click the link to it, I'm sent to a log in page. After logging in, I'm sent back to the home page and it all ends up in a loop. Any thoughts? Neither site has been helpful.

In any case, the top two places on this chart are Paul Weller projects. That's probably fitting since last week his label announced that he'll be releasing his first electric live album as a solo artist in North America. It's going to be a double CD set of music recorded during the last tour. Exciting stuff for fans. Now, onto the chart:

1) Paul Weller
2) The Style Council
3) Bjork
4) John Coltrane (not part of the big 9 CD set I offered - all of those mp3s were deleted after uploading)
5) Blackalicious
6) Roy Ayers
7) Kate Bush
8) dZihan & Kamien
9) William S. Burroughs
10) Les Baxter

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