Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dolittle in babysitter scam

Representative John Doolittle, tied to the Jack Abramoff scandal and current member of the do-nothing Congress (only in session 97 days this term!), pays for his child's (aged 14) babysitter out of his PAC re-election committee. According to the Washington Post, since 2001 Doolittle's PAC has paid $5,881 towards babysitting fees for his daughter. This year alone the PAC has paid $975 of such fees.

Doolittle makes $165,200 year (for 97 days of work) while his wife has earned $100,000 this year thus far in commissions as a fundraiser for his campaign. Keep that in mind this election when you consider how you, members of your family, or friends cannot get tax payer subsidized daycare for children. If only you could set up a PAC and have donors fund it for you!

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