Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Random Ten

I suppose this could be the happy dancing edition because someone wrote me about a problem with the IE uninstall and my solution worked. I'm pretty happy about that. It's nice to know that I was able to pass along a bit of information that someone else found useful. Of course, the mp3 player doesn't listen to me and it made a random selection that was decidedly not dancing music. It's still a nice selection. As I type this I'm listening to a ripped record titled Picking Up Girls Made Easy. Classic. It's making me laugh.

01) The Voice of Africa - Bob Keene
02) Serengeti Stroke - The Pan-Atlantics
03) Prelude to Happening - Quantic
04) Bongos, Bass 'n' Beat - Igo Kantor and William Loose
05) Moon and Cypress - Mose Allison
06) Cult Party - Les Baxter
07) Big Funk - Cabaret Voltaire
08) The Nips Are Getting Bigger - Mental As Anything
09) Barriers - Soft Cell
10) Brief and Breezy - The Aaron Bell Orchestra

Bonus tunes: The Dreaming Dead - Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter

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