Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Evening quickies

Gore calls Bush a right wing extremist. This is why a lot of people are talking about another Gore run for the presidency. When Gore stops beating around the Bush, so to speak, and decides to beat the Bush and use popular rhetoric, he's a much more likable person and a much better candidate. It's the same trait the people originally liked about John McCain (a person who many Democrats would have supported before he began washing all of the good will away this year by appealing to the basest of Republicans). Unfortunately, Gore doesn't often act this way on the campaign trail. When he does, however, his numbers rise and quickly. My opinion? Find your voice, Al. Use it extensively to support the eventual nominee.

It's official - Washington state Republicans are nuts. They just voted this weekend to include in their platform a repeal of the 14th amendment. Basically, they want to deny citizenship rights to babies born in the U.S. if said babies are the children of illegal immigrants. Watch Lou Dobbs tomorrow to see Washington state Democrats and Republicans debate the issue. Dobbs, of course, is also a nut when it comes to immigration.

We already knew Ohio Republicans are nuts. A report of a court ruling negating a domestic violence ruling because the couple was unmarried (even though they are straight). See, in order to combat gay marriage, Ohio politicians passed a law that made domestic violence available only to married couples. Because, you know, it's worse to be gay and together than to be straight and your face beaten in. (Actually, to be fair, the court ruling was correct; it's the law that is egregious).

Batwoman is going to be a lesbian in her latest incarnation. This, no doubt, will send Ohio Republicans into a frenzy. Expect to hear talk of banning comic books and possibly putting age ratings on them.

Usually White House employees wait for a few months before being caught in unethical situations, but not Karl Zinsmeister, formerly of American Enterprise magazine and now a policy person. His magazine has been unethical for years, so I guess the White House knew what they were getting.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks was named "a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education, a designation that places it among the top computer security institutions in the country." This is the same prestigious institution that for eleven months, allowed it's servers to be hacked and exposed thousands (38,000+) of student's and faculty's personal data. The award was provided by the bumbling, incompetent idiots at the NSA and Fatherland Security.

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