Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Firefox 1.0 preview release candidate

It's here - almost. The preview release candidate is here. I've downloaded it and am using it right now. The upgrade went well. When I loaded the new version, a splash screen came up telling me that certain extensions would no longer work with Firefox 1.0, but would I like to look for updates to those extensions? I clicked "Yes" and the product found 4 extensions (out of about 8) that it could update. It did so, then promised to check periodically for updates to the other extensions. Then Firefox opened and I was good to go. One thing I noticed was an esoteric one, but I liked it: The live bookmark folders are a different color than other bookmark folders. There are other updates to the product, but you can read about them on the site (link above). Final release will be sometime mid October.

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