Monday, September 27, 2004

Hotmail and Outlook

Microsoft is announcing today that people who like to use Outlook and/or Outlook Express to access their hotmail accounts will no longer be allowed to do so unless they pay for the premium account. This practice is the same as it is at Yahoo. Hopefully, Gmail will just decide to let people access with whatever mail reader users choose and force Microsoft and Yahoo away from this policy.

If anyone from Microsoft is reading: Once I got my GMail account and decided that I enjoyed it, I was thinking about switching from my paid Hotmail service. Now that you've put this restriction in place, I'm thinking even harder about it. This is a stupid move and it makes me seriously consider dropping other Microsoft products such as Office and Outlook Express in favor of free OpenOffice and Thunderbird. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

By the by, if someone is looking for a Gmail invite, then email me privately. I've got 4 invites to give away.

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