Tuesday, September 28, 2004

More on RSS

A friend of mine sent me a gmail this morning to let me know about another RSS service. He had tried the one in Firefox plus another 1 or 2 RSS readers and wasn't very satisfied with them. Then he found Bloglines, which allows you to keep RSS, Atom, and XML based newsfeeds all in one spot online. You can also create your own blog there and use bloglines to clip items for use in your blog. This was the second time in a half day that this site was brought to my attention, so I thought that I'd check it out. It's pretty cool. I like having the news feeds (from ZDNet, et al) that are given to me in XML mixed in with the RSS and Atom blog feeds. Check it out.


Rik said...

Bloglines rocks!
I like your blog,it's interesting to read.
Keep writing :)
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B.D. said...

Thanks for the kind words.